Triple Time Stamping

Let’s try a new technique

One of my all time favorite techniques is Triple Time Stamping. I just think it is such a beautiful and unusual technique, and one that can be used in more than one way. As for my favorite products? Well, all of them, duh! But I have to admit I am always a sucker for a stamp set that has a coordinating punch. Not gonna lie! If it has a punch, I’ll have to have the whole set. Unfortunately, I’m running out of room to hide them. Any ideas? I have them stuffed in a couple of dresser drawers right now, but they’re so heavy to open I’m afraid they’re gonna break one of these days. 🙂

For today’s project I’m using the Petal Potpourri from Stampin’ Up! to show you the basic Triple Time Stamping technique.

Here is how I’ve used it in my first sample:
Triple time stamping technique

If you’re not familiar with this technique, I posted a tutorial in a previous post, here.

In the next sample you can see that I’ve chosen to highlight just a small image with this technique, using another Stampin’ Up! set called Guy Greetings:
Triple time stamping technique

And finally, I wanted to show you that you can use this same technique with embossing and not have to use stamps at all. For this one I used a textured embossing folder, also from Stampin’ Up!, called Arrows:

Triple time stamping technique

I tried to get a sharp enough picture so you can see how the embossed arrows line up on the card. Loving that color combination!

I’d love to see your own creations using this technique. There are a ton of ideas to find on Pinterest, too.

11 thoughts on “Triple Time Stamping

  1. Great cards! I love that you used the variety of stamps on the first card–really showcased that set well. And I love the triple-embossing idea. But the classic car “call out” you did using this technique is just perfect!

  2. I am absolutely crazy about triple stamping – and your cards are lovely! Thank you for the great inspiration – especially the Classic card – for my husband’s upcoming Father’s Day card!

  3. Amy, great cards! How do you accomplish the triple embossing? Do you have a tutorial on that? Inquiring minds want to know…

  4. Amy – your cards are beautiful! I am also a fan of that style but the classic card was new to me and I will def be casing. Most off your dialogue was really enjoyable – “all of them, duh!” thanks for the belly laugh!

  5. These cards are WONDERFUL! You sound like me when you talk about hiding your stamps, though. Now I just say,”I’m almost ?? years old. Get over it!” (And I have too many to hide, anyway).

  6. Amy, great job with all that can be done with “triple” technique! I had not seen the embossing before. Thanks for sharing….

  7. Impressive, as always. Love the triple embossing even more than the triple stamping. Just fabulous.

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