The Mother LOAD

So I signed up to take this class through Big Picture Classes, a Lay Out A Day.  Needless to say, I’ve managed a whopping single layout so far!  Hopefully now that life has a possibility of being slightly less intense I can get back to the work table.  But here’s the first layout, for which we had to list our reason(s) why we scrap.

the mother load

So I did a Top Ten list:

1. Daytime TV is boring
2. I’d have no need of all these tools otherwise
3. I love pretty paper
4. Supplies, supplies, and more supplies!
5. Photo organization calms my OCD ( or is that CDO )?
6. I’m burning calories
7. I am now a “Specialized Archivist”
8. It beats getting a “real” job
9. Whipping out baby albums to embarrass your kids is a lot easier
10. I’m supporting the economy

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