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Project Life and Becky Higgins have come to Stampin’ Up!

Just announced!!

Right now there is no one hotter than Becky Higgins in the scrapbooking world – her Project Life approach to memory keeping has revolutionized the industry, breathing vitality into a market that appeared to be on the decline. And this is something EVERYONE can do – fast, fun, and easy ways to get your picture out where you (and everyone else) can see them!  The products above will be available May 1 in my online store (click here).  Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available!

So many of us are caught up in swirl of life that we rarely have time to think, time to ourselves, let alone time to preserve the memories of the fleeting years. With this new approach, you’ll save time and money over other traditional scrapbooking methods. Welcome to  “pocket scrapbooks,” which is what we call this new format. You simply slip your photos into prefabbed page protectors, add some color and some journaling, and you’re all set. The page protectors come in several different assortments, but they provide slots for three different sizes of paper: 4 x 6 (and 6 x 4, obviously), 4 x 4 (great for Instagram photos), and 3 x 4 (4 x 3).  The inclusion of the 4 x 4 size is exclusive to the Stampin’ Up! Pocket Pages!

In addition, the new Project Life kits contain an assortment of papers that coordinate perfectly with all of our Stampin’ Up! colors. Another perk: the patterns on the front and back of the cards in each kit are different, they don’t just repeat the same pattern in the reverse format. This allows for a real increase in personal creativity!

And don’t forget, if you are a digital scrapper, you, too, can get in on the fun. Through My Digital Studio, the digital program developed and designed by Stampin’ Up!, the Project Life kits are available as digital downloads so you can use them on your personal computer. And that’s also a plus for paper scrapbookers. Need to repeat a pattern and don’t have any cards left? Just download the digital file, print, trim, and add it to your page!

In a future post, I will also show you cardmakers how you can use the Project Life kits in your everyday papercrafting projects. Stay tuned!