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A New Pals Member Has Arrived!

Ladies and Gentleman, I am so pleased and honored to introduce a new Pals member:

(drum roll, please!) Linda Droege!

Linda hails from outside of Bennington, Vermont and has been my best friend forever – not to mention the world’s best sister-in-law. She is currently retired, but you would never know it from all the irons she has in the fire! She is a member of the Vermont Girl Scout Council and is an active troop leader of two troops; she’s an avid traveler and has traveled extensively through Europe. She recently chaperoned trips to Paris, France and she lived for several years in Sitia, on the island of Crete. So yes, not only does she speak English really well 😉 but she speaks Greek and French, too.

As long as I have known her she has always been the most creative person I have ever met. She is a fabulous cook and a divine baker. She has an incredible eye for detail, design, and color. She plans on sharing her Stampin’ Up! creativity with her Girl Scouts as well as with her local community.

And no, she is not sitting right next to me as I write this, but I look forward to seeing what she has planned, and I know you all will, too.

So here’s to you, Linda! Welcome aboard!

There are so many perks to becoming a Stampin’ Up! independent demonstrator, and Linda will now have access to them all!

  1. A 20% discount on every order she ever places.
  2. An extra 10% discount on her very first order, so she gets all she wants for 30% off!
  3. She’ll now have advance information on any and all new promotions, as well as…
  4. …the opportunity to order products at least 30 days before they become available to the general public.
  5. She is now a new Pals member, which is one of the most exciting groups of demos out there, the Stampin’ Pretty Pals, under über demo extraordinaire, Mary Fish.
  6. Which means she is also now a member of Lisa Pretto’s DIY Royalty and a member of her VIP Academy.
  7. Free shipping on her Starter Kit.
  8. Her choice of up to $125 worth of Stampin’ Up! products included in her Starter Kit.
  9. Access to amazing training resources, the Web Print Library, Stampin’ Connection, and more.
  10. And of course, me as her Upline and favoritest sister-in-law!

So if you’ve been on the fence about signing up, come on over and join me and Linda. No strings attached, and a lot of fun. You will meet fabulous people and learn how to be so creative. Click on the Join My Team link above for more information.