Halloween 2016

My Favorite Season …

… is one where I get to eat things with sugar in them and don’t have to have the air conditioning on. So here in Pennsylvania you’re looking at Halloween and everything after. I guess that means that really my favorite season occurs in the last quarter of the year. Is it coincidence that the best holidays are sweet? I think not.

Halloween? Candy. Lots of it. Thanksgiving? Pies. Check! Christmas? Cookies. Candy. The mother of all holidays where sweets are concerned. You think Valentine’s Day is sweet? You haven’t been to my house!

But today I’m going to focus on Halloween. Why, you ask? Because it’s up first. I will show you Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff later, when I emerge from the sugar coma that begins with my favorite vegetable, candy corn.

Halloween 2016

Have you had a chance yet to drool over all the goodness that is the Holiday Catalog? It might just be the first sweet thing I love that doesn’t have sugar! Seriously! I love me a good product suite, (yup, I noticed that … suite ~ sweet) and this one doesn’t disappoint:

Halloween 2016

In my card for today I managed to squeeze in quite a few of the elements included in the Halloween Night product line. See if you can guess what they are:

The Jurassic Crafter at craftcarnivore.com Halloween 2016 #craftcarnivore

But you get bonus points if you picked out these stamp sets!

Halloween 2016 The Jurassic Crafter at craftcarnivore.com Come visit my blog to see more. #craftcarnivore

Well, I’m off to go dreaming of the Milky Way … and the Three Musketeers, too. No Snickers, please. (See what I did there)?  Drop me a line and let me know what your favorite season is. That would be, um, sweet!! Or suite?!

See ya when I see ya!  Amy 🙂

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  1. Hi Amy! First I love the name of your blog with that super cut image! Second – love this card – the layout is clever and sneaking the brick background on the H is fantastic!

  2. Oh my gosh! I was laughing away reading your post! You are too funny! I am right there with you in a candy coma from Halloween through Easter (and those Cadbury eggs!!) Thanks for sharing and making my day!

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