Time to put a cap on (in?) graduation

Graduation – it’s done!

Recently we traveled to Washington, DC to attend the hooding ceremony for my daughter’s PhD graduation. Seven long years and all she got was this hood – which she had to pay for herself! Haha! She opted to attend just the hooding ceremony instead of the actual graduation ceremony for a couple of reasons, not the least of which was that this ceremony is much more personal, and she was flying out to attend a conference the morning of the big ceremony. I’m glad she chose this one, too. GW has their graduation on the Mall, that huge expanse of grass between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial. Glad we could skip the traffic and the endless walking!

graduation picture may 12, 2013 PhD(She graduated from George Washington University with a PhD in Biomedical Sciences: Virology and Immunology, in case you were wondering). Of course, all hubby could say was Pile it Higher and Deeper. Yes folks, he’s a class act. Luv ya, Hon…

Anyway, ya gotta mark the occasion, and since she and I both love cats, I though this little feline was appropriate:

graduation picture may 12, 2013 PhD

I really enjoy making shaker cards, and I had some fun metallic glitter from Stampin’ Up! that I thought would make for perfect shaking ingredients.  It’s also a top folding card, which I know is hard to tell in this picture. I thought about using Copic markers on the cat, but I opted to leave it just the way it is cause I was going for the black and white effect.

Now I’m just hoping that this is the last graduation for a long, long while. 🙂


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  1. So glad you are posting more frequently~love this card. I’m sure it was a big hit.

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