A Final Flourishing Phrases Finale

I guess I’ve been addicted to the Flourishing Phrases bundle from Stampin’ Up! but I promise to try to make this the last post that will highlight it for a while!

So I made this card to send to a friend of mine, remembered to take some pix, and then promptly lost said card. Does that ever happen to you? And believe me, I have looked EVERYWHERE! I think I must spend more time going through the trash than actually making things. It’s so frustrating.

by Amy Hoptay, the Jurassic Crafter, flourishing phrases, floral boutique dsp, note card, for more details click through to my blog! #stampinup #craftcarnivore #floral

  • For example, I lost an oval die after making some projects and didn’t have time to do a more thorough search before I had to leave the house for a craft retreat. When I got home my husband asked if I was missing anything: that stupid die turned up in the WASH! Probably got mislaid when I was stripping the beds to do laundry. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but I really don’t sleep with my craft supplies.
  • A couple of weeks ago when my sister-in-law was visiting and we were crafting, she asked to use my Basic Grey Stampin’ Up! marker. No problem. However, two days ago, I went through the trash TWICE looking for that same marker, until I remembered it was on the mantel in the dining room!
  • I was looking all over the house for a missing thinlit die. Of course, one of the smaller ones. The next day I found it stuck to the bottom of my iPad cover. I know, you can’t fix stupid.

So here is the card I lost:

by Amy Hoptay, the Jurassic Crafter for more details click through to my blog! #stampinup #craftcarnivore


Unfortunately, this time a picture is NOT worth a thousand words, so I’ll just have to go back to the drawing board. Or maybe I will just use this one:

by Amy Hoptay, the Jurassic Crafter for more details click through to my blog! #stampinup #craftcarnivore


Which is probably what I will do. That is, as long as I can find it. I swear, it was right here just a minute ago … Or was it? 😉