Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card

 A sympathy card is my least favorite card to make.

Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card - the Jurassic Crafter #stampinup

Recently I lost my cousin. I don’t know why, but for some reason it really shook me up, beyond the usual sadness and grief. I think it’s because it really hit home how fleeting our time is here on earth, and yes, it made me feel my own mortality. My mother had only one sibling, a sister who was eight years younger than she was. My aunt had three girls, the eldest of whom is just a couple of years younger than me. These were the cousins that I grew up with, played with, had sleepovers with, spent Christmas Eve with until my mom’s mom passed and we were all adults.

My youngest cousin died first, a few years ago. Then my middle cousin died last week. So now my last cousin is my last cousin on that side of my family. Since we live five hundred or so miles apart I wanted to create a card for her that I hope she sees as my attempt to insert a bit of hope and love into her life.

Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card

Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card - the Jurassic Crafter #stampinup

Sometimes simplicity is the most poignant way to convey a shared sense of loss. Rather than a color palette of black I chose to go with Tip Top Taupe and Whisper White. The flourish and sentiments from this stamp set express precisely what I wanted to say. The greeting inside the card is lovely. “Praying that your heart will be lifted by the many loving thoughts that surround you today.”

Here is what the set looks like (clicking on the image will take you to my online store):

Stampin Up Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card - the Jurassic Crafter #stampinup

I urge you now to go and hug your loved ones and take time to enjoy this precious life that we’ve been given. I certainly will do the same!

9 thoughts on “Flourishing Phrases Sympathy Card

  1. Sure does…thank you for answering. Between July 17 and today I have two more sympathy cards to make. This time not family but we grieve for friends in their loss. Thanks again. Your design poignanty reflects reflects “simplicity is the essense of good taste.”

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss. Some days are certainly tougher than others.

  2. I read again your loved ones no longer on this earth. This is such a sad reality. Wonderful that you were so close to them.

    I want to CASE your design…I am not sure about the black border – I assume you drew it. It is so nice, straight and connected. Mind don’t turn out that professionally…may I ask how you got it so precise?

    Again, my heart feels your loss…your card speaks where words may fail.

    1. Thank you, Hope. I cut a rectangle the size I wanted the border to be and I drew around it very lightly in pencil. I then used a ruler to go over my lines with a marker. Once it was dry I used an eraser and a light touch to remove the pencil lines. Hope that helps.

  3. A heartfelt and sweet card for your cousin and on behalf of your cousin. Thanks so much for sharing…

  4. Amy I am so very sorry to hear about your cousin. Your card is beautiful and it is certain to bring a sense of peace to your remaining cousin.

  5. A sympathy card should be without fanfare. We are blessed when we learn early how fleeting and temporary life is. What a gift to be able to cherish loved ones and to tell them how much they are loved. Your card is lovely – I am going to use your idea.

  6. So sorry for the loss of your cousin. I’m close to my cousins as well, especially the youngest as we were only 1 year apart. Hugs to you. . I”m sure she’ll love the beautiful and heartfelt card you are sending her.

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