Cutting and Folding Your Card Stock

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “can’t draw a straight line with a ruler.” Well, that’s me. I need every trick and tool at my disposal to make sure that I cut and fold my card stock evenly, and even with those it can sometimes be a real challenge!

Recently, in an effort to conserve space, I pre-cut all my 8½ x 11 cardstock into the sizes I generally use to make cards. I also cut any extra pieces that I couldn’t use for card bases into rectangles to use for matting.

Okay, back to the straight line. Previously I used my Stampin’ Up! trimmer to score my card stock, but over time somehow the slider bar on the trimmer has loosened to the point that the score lines are off sometimes by as much as ¼ inch. (I’m probably using a tad too much force on the poor thing). So I grabbed my Stampin’ Up scoring board to use instead. However, it never fails that when I put the scoring tool into the groove to score the card stock about halfway down the tool gets a mind of its own and weaves over to the next groove or just generally gets wonky, and then I’ve ruined the paper, at least to use for a card base.
cutting and folding your cardstock

But today, after messing up a couple of card bases I got wise and grabbed my ruler and positioned it just in front of the groove and then scored straight down the paper, easy peasy, sweet and easy!

cutting and folding your cardstockYes, a light bulb moment indeed! Success!

cutting and folding your cardstock
The other tip I have for you is a tool. I have heard countless people rave and rave about a Teflon bone folder, but I always thought, it’s a bone folder, how on earth could it be worth that exorbitant price? (They are significantly more expensive than the regular ones). Well, here I sit, eating humble pie. What a difference it makes when fold your score lines. I am totally amazed. It doesn’t leave any lines whatsoever when you burnish the card base, and not only that, if seems to also keep the card stock from cracking and fraying around the score line. So if you have a wish list somewhere I highly recommend that you put one of these puppies on it. You will not be disappointed!