Creative should be a four letter word

Do Something Creative Every Day

Creative is an adjective that makes me insecure, because I don’t really think I’m creative at all. I mean, what does it mean if you fail an online creativity quiz on one site and then you ace it on another? Yes, I know what you’re going to say, that ANY quiz on the Internet is bound to be a bit of a farce.

Every time I make something I look at it with a critical eye and think, it doesn’t seem very creative. Or very exciting. I think the biggest fear to overcome is that whatever you create is inferior to anything else out there. I wonder if that is a female trait only. I’m not sure men are that lacking in confidence.

So here are some things I try to remember:

  • it’s not a competition
  • what may seem creative to you may actually be not so creative to someone else, and vice-versa
  • Please yourself; if it makes you happy then that’s all that matters
  • We all come at our creative process from different vantage points; there is no right or wrong way to get there
  • it’s the journey, not the destination

So with that in mind, I share with you today one of my creations:

Creative a post by the Jurassic Crafter at

I mean, who doesn’t love a little bling? And these adorable dragonflies are from a stamp set that is carrying over to the new catalog, which arrives June 1st. Cannot wait!