Bind It All Birthday Book to Keep or Give as a Gift

 Another Project Made Using the Bind It All

Here’s a little book I made a few years ago that I made to give to my daughter as a gift. The outside covers are made from heavy black chipboard and decorated with scraps of paper I had lying around. The template is from an old Coluzzle File Folder set. Remember the Coluzzle? I still have mine – can’t seem to part with it. In a pinch it’s so old school that I imagine if I were ever living off the grid and needed something to cut shapes with, that would be my go-to tool. Not that I’m planning on going off the grid, mind you. But if I were, I would also still be able to remember everyone’s birthday and send them a little something, most probably via carrier pigeon. Got to keep it on the down low, when you’re off the grid. Just sayin’.

Remember when the Bind It All was All The Rage? Seems like a long time ago. I’ve actually used mine recently. But in general, not so much. It’s funny how certain tools and styles come in and go out of fashion so quickly. So much so that sometimes I feel like I’ve only just found out about something and by the time I get it no one is using it anymore! Oh well, when I open up that scrapbooking museum I’ll certainly have everything thing I need to do a retrospective, and in absolutely pristine condition. đŸ˜‰

So here’s a peek at the inside. Each page has a pocket, and inside each pocket is a lined tag on which you can jot down all the names and birth dates for that particular month.

And just so you don’t forget, mine is July 3rd. Oh, and I don’t have any cats, so the carrier pigeons can land here safely with no fear of retribution.

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