BFFs and Boo-Boos

About a year ago my daughter and son-in-law adopted two adorable little kittens from the animal shelter in Baltimore. The two cats were being fostered together and had established an incredible attachment to each other. They will be bffs for life. So of course, you couldn’t take one without taking the other.  I lost my own beloved Ambrose several years ago and miss him incredibly. I was so happy when two of my girls adopted cats.

I was teaching a layout class at a retreat this Spring, and in going through my digital photos, I came across these two little guys, and right away I knew what I wanted to do. This is the left page of the two page layout I created, inspired by one made by Andrea Walford at Papercrafter’s Library. I love how Gil has paw resting so protectively on Cooper’s head while they nap!

And yes, I did indeed make a boo-boo when stamping on this page. When I stamped the “sweet, sweet moments” under the smaller picture I messed up the word “moments.” So I went back to my paper and cut out a small piece of the same patterned paper, re-stamped the word, and then mounted the new piece directly over the mistake, attempting to match up the lines of the print. Not entirely successful, I admit, but you know, it wasn’t a big enough mistake to throw out the whole layout and start again. Just sayin’. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be done! LOL

You can see in the top picture of the strip below that Gilbert is very inquisitive and has a penchant for trying to crawl into things. Here he has made his home in a box, but I have seen him equally at home in plastic grocery bags and even bubble wrap! My daughter tells me that Coop is the one who most likes to snuggle; his ability to cuddle is very much on display below! Unfortunately I can’t display Gil’s aptitude for talking – he is very vocal!

I really liked this color combination. And I adore those two little kitties!