Back from Baltimore

I made it home yesterday. Today I had a dentist appointment and I arrive, didn’t have to wait to long, went in to the hygienist, sat down, and the first question she asked was “Did you pre-medicate?” Oh, dang. Totally forgot. Well, that was a total waste of time. Wish I had stayed in Baltimore, for crying out loud!

Wednesday we went to the National Aquarium in the Inner Harbor. It is a gorgeous building, and the flow through the aquarium is very smooth, even when it’s crowded. As it was when we were there. At the very top of the building is the rain forest section, and I snagged a picture of this beautiful orchid in bloom among the greenery. One of the attendants there told me that she has worked there for eleven years and this is the first time it has ever bloomed!

Baltimore Aquarium

My little grandson had a great time there. It was his first visit ever, and he was very excited. So many of the displays were accessible at his level, and of course, many of the fish were much bigger than he is. Every time something caught his eye he would say “Whoa!”  For an eighteen month old he was very interested and very well-behaved. Which is a lot more than I can say for many of the folks there. Sheesh!

My daughter’s birthday is coming up on Tuesday. We won’t be able to celebrate in person, but we’ll be doing the FaceTime thing which is almost as good as being there. So in her honor here is a little card I made not too long ago in some of my favorite colors. I really like the fonts in the scalloped circle – I believe it’s a Simon Says Stamp set.

Enjoy your Saturday. Hope you’re doing something fun. I’ll be doing laundry. You know, that thing you always have to do once you get back from a trip!

Now get out there and do something creative today!