“Art for Art’s Sake”

My youngest daughter has a friend from high school who is currently attending a college in NYC.  Every week she does a drawing on her whiteboard that she calls her “weekly whiteboard exposition.” She reproduces famous artwork using just her board and a few dry erase markers.  I requested “Jungle Sunset” by Henri Rousseau; so for my Dimensional Details class this week I used her reproduction as inspiration.  Ali is an amazingly talented artist, and I wanted to thank her for honoring my request…so, merci beaucoup, mon amie! 

2 thoughts on ““Art for Art’s Sake”

  1. Yes, the Tulip circles around the photos are inked with one of the distressing tools from the Distressing Kit (black handle with white spongey like top!).

  2. Very cool layout. I love the Tulip circles at the top. Are they inked? And your daughter's friend is amazingly talented.

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