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Do you know the number one reason savvy crafters join Stampin’ Up! ?

The Discount!!

businessman-throwing-bank-notes_23-2147510526You probably thought the answer was “to make money.” But nope, smart crafters save money and they want discounts. Dino size discounts! Because you can get up to $125 worth of stamping products like paper, stamps, ink, embellishments, tools, etc., for an incredible $99! Oh, and FREE SHIPPING!! You certainly can’t find a discount like that on every single product every time you want to shop with no coupons, no special codes, no nothing, anywhere else. So it’s like putting money in the … well, you know!

piggybank-with-money_23-2147510974Doesn’t that sound like something you could get behind? Or in front of?  I mean, seriously, that’s a 25% bonus of product and another 10% bonus of free shipping. You can’t lose! But wait …

Here’s the catch:

There is NO catch!


  • you get at least a 20% discount each and every time you place a product order
  • you have three months minimum to decide if you want to keep getting your discount.
  • there is no obligation to sell anything to anyone ever. But let’s face it, once word gets out, friends and family will want in on the action!
  • No penalties if you only want the starter kit and nothing else … you get to keep everything with no strings attached
  • you will always have advance notice of everything that is NEW in Stampin’ Up!, which means that you’ll have first crack at the seasonal catalogs, special promotions, and the annual catalog, just to name a few.
  • IF you decide you can’t live without that discount, the quarterly purchase amount is just $300 retail (which is before your dino discount) – and you can spread it out over three months, or a little here, a little there, all at once, it’s up to you.
  • BONUS REWARDS for purchase totals which means more free product for you!! (starting at $150 in sales you get an additional 10% or more in your choice of free products with NO restrictions)!
  • NO classes, NO workshops, NO clubs, NO parties.  YOU decide what you want!

So come on, join the fun, make new friends, keep the old, have a lot of laughs, learn new stuff, save money, and live happily ever after. You won’t regret it!!

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Grab your dino discounts!

Click HERE to become a Jurassic Crafter! My name is Amy Hoptay and I approve this message.

Dino Discounts can be yours when you join Stampin Up as a Jurassic Crafter